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Syracuse roofing contractors have seen an increase in the amount of homeowners who are looking to use clay tiles on their roof. Homeowners purchase clay tiles because they are durable, have outstanding longevity and come in a wide range of styles. Homeowners who cannot afford clay tiles may opt for concrete tiles that have a similar appearance but are less expensive.

Mankind has used clay on roofs for thousands of years. The fact that archaeologists have found fragments of clay roofs that are millennia old testifies to its durability. Since clay tiles are available in different shapes and colors, homeowners can find a style that will suit their home perfectly.

One advantage of a clay tile roof is that it will insulate the home, keeping it warm during the winter months and cool during the summer months. Clay tiles naturally reflect heat as opposed to absorbing it. This allows homeowners to reduce energy costs while at the same time maintaining comfortable temperatures within the home. Clay tiles are popular in the Southwest because the climate makes it difficult to keep a home cool year round.

A major advantage of clay tiles is that they let air circulate above and beneath them. This allows a cushion of insulating air to form in between the tiles and the sheathing material, increasing the insulation provided by the roof.

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In addition to being durable and having a long life span, clay tiles need little to no maintenance apart from periodically removing debris. Clay tiles are fireproof. They are not affected by fungus growth such as mold, mildew and algae. Also, they are impervious to water damage, which can affect asphalt and wood roofing materials. Depending on the style a homeowner chooses, they are resistant to drastic changes in temperature.

The ability of a tile roof to resist damage from the weather will vary depending on the design of the roof. Factors such as the roof's slope and pitch will affect how well it performs during a snowfall, rainstorm or ice storm. Homes situated in rainy climates should have a waterproof underlayment installed under the tiles to protect the roof deck from moisture.

Since clay tiles have a life cycle that spans decades, it is a good idea to install high quality decking material. Some homeowners opt to use solid wood decking as opposed to plywood because they do not want their clay tile roof supported by a layer of decking that is going to wear out before the roofing tiles do.

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