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Hiring a reputable Syracuse roofing professional is more important than many homeowners stop to think about. The roof is a large portion of a home. It protects the occupants in the home, as well as its contents. The roof is entrusted with a large job. Roofs also cost thousands of dollars. For these reasons, homeowners shouldn't just trust their roofs and their money to any roofer. They need to do some research and inquiry prior to hiring one.

It can be tempting for a homeowner to go with the first roofing contractor that shows up after a storm or the first one that comes up on their internet search engine. However, the process of choosing a roofing contractor should be more involved than that. The best place to start is with people who the homeowner knows and trusts, such as neighbors, friends and family. Recommendations on a roofer might also come from the local chamber of commerce or the neighborhood association.

Once a homeowner has a list of roofing contractors that have been recommended to them, they should call at least three of them for an estimate. At this appointment, the homeowner will want to also dig a bit deeper.

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They should request references. Most reputable companies will have a list of references that they hand out to potential clients who ask. In addition, the homeowner should request to see their insurance certificates.

When the estimate is presented, the homeowner should find out if the work or materials are warrantied. Most roofing companies offer both, however, it may be up to the homeowner to register the warranty. The homeowner will also want to ask what kinds of actions or inactions will void the warranty.

It will also be important that the homeowner find out who will be responsible for obtaining the necessary permits with the local government. Most municipalities require that any work on a roof has a permit. The homeowner or the contractor will need to pay for this and fill out the necessary paperwork. The permit will usually need to be posted on the home prior to the work starting.

Payment due dates and types should be discussed. It is customary for a roofer to require around 25 percent down in order for them to acquire the necessary materials. However, the work should not be paid for in full until the work is fully completed and the homeowner is satisfied with the quality of the work.

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