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Protecting a dwelling from the elements may involve investing in a secure type of siding that covers the home's exterior walls. For a classic, rustic and natural look, cedar shakes and cedar clapboard siding can be a terrific option for the home. Syracuse roofing companies accustomed to working with cedar roofing are typically experts in cedar siding installation as well. They can explain the pros and cons of all various siding choices and help homeowners decide if cedar is right for them.

Cedar shakes and clapboard are typically made from Western Red Cedar trees, which grow in the Pacific Northwest. The difference between shakes and clapboard is how they're cut, how they look and their direction on a house. Clapboard cedar siding is cut into long boards and has a more uniform look after installation. They are attached to the dwelling in an overlapping, horizontal pattern. Cedar shakes, on the other hand, are cut from split logs in the shape of shingles. They are installed in a staggered pattern, similar to the cedar shingles that roofers install.

One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose cedar shakes or clapboard is its look. Because it is a natural product, each piece of siding has originality, giving a house a unique appearance. The natural color is a rich brown, but the application of special stains and paint can allow homeowners to get the color they want.

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Cedar is also popular because it is environmentally friendly. Trees are a green, renewable product. Cedar is also durable. It resists splitting, rotting and swelling. It has dimensional stability and resists fungi, bacteria and mildew proliferation as well. Because it is so resistant to these common siding issues, cedar siding can last a long time, and some manufacturers offer 25 year warranties.

While cedar is resistant to many problems, regular upkeep is required to maintain that resistance and preserve cedar's natural beauty. Using a low pressure washer on siding gets rid of dust, dirt, cob webs and other particles that, left alone, could lead to decay. Cedar must be stained every few years to prevent rot. Homeowners should regularly inspect cedar siding for signs of wear and tear and work quickly to tackle any potential problems.

While cedar requires a little more maintenance than some other types of siding, it can be well worth the effort to have a house that stands out on the block. Syracuse homeowners interested in cedar siding should consult an expert in the field, such as roofers who work with cedar on a regular basis. These professionals can help clients learn the benefits of this amazing, natural product.

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