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When homeowners hire Syracuse roofing and siding experts to replace the existing material, stone siding can be one of the more expensive options to consider. This is because stone is heavy, difficult to work with and can't simply be manufactured in a factory. Despite this, it can prove to be an excellent choice for some homes. Presented here are few reasons why homeowners should consider stone siding despite its price.

Many homeowners choose stone siding for its natural and elegant aesthetic. However, the exact appearance of the stone will determine how it fits with the home's design features. Stones that are left unfinished and rough, for example, will make the home's exterior appear more rustic and can be a great way to integrate the home into its natural surroundings. Homeowners who choose stone give the outward impression of performance and strength as well.

Stone siding is also a lot more versatile than most homeowners realize. Since stone is natural, most people believe that they have little say about the color. However, stone siding is available in a wide range of textures, styles and colors, giving homeowners a chance to explore their creative sides.

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For example, they might consider granite block stone for federal or Georgian style homes. Limestone is perfect for European country homes, and unfinished fieldstone is ideal for cottage or prairie style homes.

Homeowners can benefit from stone siding's natural durability. It is resistant to outside elements such as ice, rain and wind. It also resists the fading that is typically associated with exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays. Unlike wood siding, stone siding is impervious to fire and insect damage, and it doesn't rot when it's exposed to too much moisture. Lastly, stone has a long lifespan. In most cases, homeowners never have to replace it. Many homeowners find that the high price tag is warranted because they don't have to repair or maintain stone siding as often as other materials, which can save on maintenance tasks and labor costs.

Stone siding is environmentally friendly as well. It reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that's emitted into the air from the manufacture of other materials such as vinyl. In addition, stone can also be reused for other projects once it's no longer viable as siding. Choosing stone reduces the amount of natural resources that are used during home construction as well, such as the need to cut down trees for the production of wood siding.

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