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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Benefits Of Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

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Many parts of a home require routine upkeep and care. The roof is one of the most vital parts of a home that requires maintenance, and yet it is often overlooked by homeowners; however, there are many benefits to keeping up with regular roof maintenance and inspections. Syracuse roofing professionals encourage the routine maintenance of a roofing system, as well as the gutters, scuppers and roof drains in order to properly maintain a roof.

In order for the interior of a home to function as it should, the exterior systems of a home must perform their duties up to par. A strong and intact outside of a home will protect the contents, systems and people on the inside. Homeowners should have their roofing and drainage systems inspected and cleaned at least twice per year by a professional roofer. This will help catch any problems before they cause serious damages and expenses. When the drainage system is not functioning properly or is clogged, it causes water to pond along, and on, the roof.

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This can cause the flashings to rust, as well as the moisture to rot the roofing materials and put the roof at risk for an infestation of mold, mildew, lichen or other growths. At these cleanings, all organic matter, such as leaves, branches, and pine needles should be removed from the roofing and drainage systems.

Regular cleaning of the drainage system on a roof will also help a home to be more aesthetically appealing. Uncleaned gutters can cause the overflow of water onto the side of a house, which can cause staining. This staining can be hard to remove and quite unappealing. In addition, a roof that is missing shingles or covered in debris doesn't do much for the curb appeal of a home either.

A dirty roof and drainage system can be costly to the homeowner by way of their home energy bills. Today, many roofing materials are designed to help improve the home's energy efficiency by reflecting a certain percentage of the sun's rays that hit the roof surface and by other methods. This reduces the heat build up within the attic space of a home. However, if a roof system is dirty and covered in organic debris, the roof cannot function correctly and reflect the sun's rays like it was designed to. This leads to more heat in a home and higher energy bills to reduce the heat.

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