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Metal roofing provides durability and longevity that other roofing options simply cannot compete with. Metal roofing offers a surprising number of benefits for both residential and commercial properties. Syracuse roofing experts would like to ensure that homeowners make informed roofing decisions, so roofers frequently present some of the following advantages of metal roofing materials.

Arguably, the best aspect of metal roofing is its longevity. Most metal roofs are expected to last 50 years or more with very little maintenance. In fact, most metal roof manufacturers offer 30 to 50 year warranties on their products. Combine this with a valuable workmanship warranty from the installer, and the homeowner can almost have a metal roof installed and forget it. Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofs do not decompose over time. They also hold up very well to harsh weather conditions. Initially, a metal roof may cost more to install, but over time, it will save the homeowner money because it lasts longer than traditional roof types and requires far less maintenance. In some states, homeowners insurance companies provide discounts for homeowners who install metal roofs.

A common misconception among homeowners is that metal roofing is flat and shiny with a generally industrial appearance. This is not true. Metal roofing materials are available in a wide variety of patterns, textures and designs and can match most traditional roof types.

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Many metal roofs are indistinguishable from cedar shake, shingle, slate or tile roofs in the same neighborhood.

Most people are surprised to learn that metal roofing is also far more environmentally friendly than other roofing options. Asphalt shingles are typically dumped into a landfill at the end of their lifespan whereas metal roofing materials can be recycled. A metal roof is also commonly installed over an existing asphalt shingle roof. This process completely eliminates the need to dispose of the asphalt shingles.

Homeowners may notice a reduction in air conditioning and heating costs following installation of a metal roof. This is because metal roofing serves as an excellent insulator. In the winter months, a metal roof performs better than most other roof types at trapping hot air in the house and keeping cold air out. Conversely, throughout summer months, a metal roof assists in keeping cold air inside the house.

Metal roofs offer many advantages over more traditional roofing materials. Homeowners who are interested in installing a metal roof or asking additional questions about metal roofing are encouraged to contact a roofing professional.

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