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A new roof is a big investment and something that will protect a home for many years. Choosing the right roofing system is an important part of meeting the homeowner's preference for design as well as budget. There are many roofing options available, but a close look at the benefits of concrete tiles will show that this roofing material offers many advantages for today's homeowner.

Concrete is extremely durable and can last for years before it needs to be replaced. In fact, many manufacturers offer warranties of up to 50 years or more on their concrete shingles. While Syracuse roofing contractors will generally charge more for the installation of a concrete roof, the longevity of this roofing material helps to offset this initial cost and makes concrete shingles a very cost effective solution for roofing a home.

A concrete tile roof offers exceptional fire resistance. Most concrete tiles are rated Class A for fire resistance and can help protect against fires from outside embers as well as the spread of fire inside the home. Unlike asphalt or cedar shingles, concrete cannot burn. This, of course, helps provide a measure of safety as well as peace of mind for the occupants of the home.

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Other benefits of concrete roofing systems include their low maintenance and energy efficiency. A concrete tile roof requires very little maintenance to keep it looking great. Additionally, concrete can help reduce energy bills by keeping homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is an excellent benefit for anyone who is interested in saving money.

Of course, a big advantage for homeowners is the fact that concrete shingles come in a large variety of colors and design styles. Every homeowner wants a roofing system that looks great and will fit the architectural style of their home as well as the overall look and feel of the neighborhood. With so many different options, concrete shingles can provide a great looking roof for just about any type of home.

Concrete shingles are made by combining cement, water, sand and other aggregates together with pigments. By adding the pigments to the concrete mixture, homeowners never have to worry about years of exposure causing the color to peel or chip off their shingles.

Any homeowner who is considering a concrete roof should find a roofing contractor who has experience with this type of roofing product. While there might be many excellent roofers in the area, not all of them have expertise with installing concrete shingles. An experienced contractor can help ensure quality results.

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