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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Installing Cedar Shingles

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Cedar roofing shingles have been an extremely popular choice for years because of the natural beauty they possess and the enhanced durability they provide. The material tends to fare well under a wide range of different weather patterns. However, not every type of shingle is a great fit for every type of climate. For this reason, homeowners who are interested in learning whether cedar shingles might be an ideal fit for their roof are encouraged to speak with a qualified Syracuse roofing expert.

The advantages of installing cedar shingles are numerous. They can complement almost any style of home, and cedar roofs have a unique aesthetic, due to the natural color variations the material features. As cedar begins to age, it develops an attractive grayish patina, which blends in nicely with the environment.

Cedar shingles can last more than 25 years longer than asphalt shingles. As a result, they often feature an extended manufacturer's warranty, and some homeowner's insurance companies will offer reduced rates to a homeowner who has a cedar roof installed. Roofing contractors can apply special treatments to the shingles in order to even further enhance their lifespan.

Because the material is a lightweight product, contractors can typically install the shingles without having to first reinforce the roof. Cedar shingles can be installed on almost any type of roof, although it can be tricky for contractors to install them properly.

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There are unique installation techniques that are required in order for a cedar roof to be properly installed.

Because cedar offers enhanced insulation for the home more than many other types of traditional roofing products do, it improves the energy efficiency of the home. This allows the indoor air temperatures to remain more pleasant over the course of the year. Cedar is wind resistant, and it typically holds up well during strong weather patterns. It also possesses natural oils that repel insects.

One of the primary drawbacks associated with cedar shingles is the amount of upkeep they require in order to remain in adequate shape. While the material is naturally resistant to bugs and rotting, homeowners have to take regular preventative measures in order to keep moss, mildew and mold from growing. If it is ever necessary to replace a damaged shingle, it can be difficult for the roofing contractor to be able to match the colors that were featured in the old shingles, which could leave the roof with two different tones. Still, purchasing cedar shingles is an excellent way for homeowners to be able to have an attractive roof for less money than the costs associated with a slate or tile roof.

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