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When choosing a new flat roof, building owners have quite a few options. One that is often not considered is the ballasted roof. However, these roofs do have many advantages that make them an ideal choice for certain buildings.

Ballasted roofs may look like traditional built up roofs, but there are some major differences. For ballasted roofs, the insulation is laid directly on the roof deck without any type of fasteners. Next, a membrane is rolled out over the insulation. Like the insulation, the roof membrane is not fastened down. Finally, a layer of stones is added. The gravel or stones that are used are at least an inch in diameter. These stones hold the roof components in place.

Some homeowners like these roofs because a Syracuse roofing contractor can quickly and easily install it. They're also an inexpensive type of flat roof, so those who are on a tight budget may opt for this style in order to save some money. These roofs are particularly popular in areas where there is a large source of ballast, which reduces the cost of the materials and labor. Additionally, they also provide a pleasant aesthetic when compared to black asphalt shingles or black rubber membranes. When pavers are put out over the ballast, a walkway can be made without causing damage to the roof.

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Because this roof is not commonly installed and many building owners don't have experience with it, it's recommended that a professional roofer provide any maintenance the roof may need. However, there are some things that building owners should look out for. After the repairs are made, building owners should ensure that the ballast is put back over the membrane. If the ballast is not replaced, the exposed membrane could be susceptible to damage caused by wind uplift. While the roof may not blow away if stones partially cover a portion of the membrane, the insulation could be moved around and the membrane can become further damaged.

Although maintaining this type of roof can be difficult and a bit expensive, there are some other advantages to consider. The roofing membrane and the ballast are resistant to fire. This type of roof is also energy efficient as the ballasts do not absorb sunlight. Finally, ballasted roofs are made from sustainable materials.

For those looking for alternative types of roofs, ballasted roofs may be a great option. Before making a decision, however, building owners should discuss all of their options with an expert roofer.

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