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Ideal Construction LLC has a strong reputation in New York for its roofing services, but the company also offers solutions to homeowners dealing with window problems. Older windows that are even 10 or 15 years old can significantly affect the home in a number of negative ways. Those windows cannot keep the cool air from an air conditioning or the warm air from a furnace inside the home, which often leads to homeowners adjusting the thermostat and spending money on high energy bills. Newer windows with a high rating from Energy Star can save homeowners 25 percent or more on those heating and cooling bills.

Though some homeowners may feel they only have a few options because of the size or design of their home, Ideal Construction LLC contractors can walk them through all the various options now available. In addition to double hung windows that move both up and down, some might choose traditional single hung windows that only move up. They can also select casement, awning, bay or bow windows. Projection windows like bay and bow designs can add a decorative touch to the home. Homeowners may also want to talk with the contractors about installing fixed windows that do not open like a glass block window in a bathroom to increase the amount of privacy in that room.

Replacement windows now come in various materials that contractors from the company have experience installing. Vinyl, steel, aluminum and even wood have some great benefits and work in a wide range of homes.

Ideal Construction LLC contractors know that all homes are different and that all homeowners have different budgets in mind, which is why they begin each job with a simple meeting between themselves and the homeowners. After finding out how much they can afford to spend and the look they want, contractors can make some suggestions and help homeowners find the perfect solution. This may involve expanding the size of a current opening to fit a larger picture window, replacing drafty wood framed windows with newer vinyl products or regulating the temperature of the home with double pane windows with insulated gas inside the glass.

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