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Ideal Construction LLC provides installation, restoration and replacement services for roofing, windows and siding. Homeowners in the Albany, Syracuse and Schenectady areas turn to Ideal Construction for excellent service. The company stands behind a history of quality in materials and workmanship with the title of GAF Master Elite. The company's team of professionals can ensure that any residential or commercial building is restored and ready to endure a variety of harsh weather conditions.

The condition and quality of a building's roof has a tremendous impact on the overall lifespan and condition of the structure. No building will last long if it is not properly protected by a good roof. Even the best roof also needs consistent care and maintenance to do its job well. The role of a roofing professional does not end once the roof is installed. Semiannual inspections and maintenance services will keep the roof in excellent condition and allow it to meet or exceed its warranty life.

Good quality siding is another important aspect of a building's durability, appearance and value. Siding is one of the most visually impacting elements of the home, and high quality siding can increase both the actual and perceived value of the home. Quality siding has a practical role as well. Siding with good thermal resistance will improve a home's energy efficiency by ensuring that warmth stays inside in the winter and conditioned air does not leak out in the summer. Severe weather can sometimes drive rain, sleet or hail into the side of a building where there is less protection. Siding that resists moisture and rot will ensure that these episodes of severe weather do not severely damage a home's walls.

Windows are an important part of a home's appearance and energy efficiency. Poorly chosen or installed windows can result in dramatically higher energy expenditure for heating and air conditioning. While windows may appear simple, a great deal of thought and expertise goes into choosing just the right window for a certain home and location.

Windows can come in a variety of styles and designs, such as double pane or with special coatings that impact everything from their thermal resistance to the amount of light they allow inside. Not every window in a house is chosen equally. A window that faces the sun consistently will need entirely different properties than one facing mostly shade.

Every home is unique. The professionals at Ideal Construction have the knowledge and attention to detail that ensures every decision about a home's roofing, siding and windows is the best fit.

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