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When a roof leak occurs, it often surprises a homeowner. There's generally a good reason why the leak is taking place, however. While a Schenectady roofing professional can certainly isolate the cause of the leak, if a homeowner can spot these potential problems, then perhaps they may never advance to the point of a leak or other serious damage.

It's worth pointing out that sometimes what appears to be a roof leak isn't caused by the roof at all. The two most common culprits when this is the case are siding and windows. Sometimes seams, nail holes and overlaps in siding are exploited by water. Likewise, sometimes the top of a window casing deteriorates, which allows water into the frame. In both cases, these can look a lot like roof leaks.

Shingles are a common cause of roof leaks. All it takes is for a single shingle to be damaged. Water now has an access point to seep in under neighboring shingles. Although there's likely underlayment between the shingles and the sheathing, water will continue to move along a path until it reaches the roof edge, a roof protrusion or another area where gravity can cause it to enter the home.

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Another common reason that roofs leak is flashing. Flashing is meant to create a seal at seams and joints that cannot be protected by shingles and underlayment alone. Most flashing is sheet metal, and while that material is waterproof, it's very susceptible to weathering, including rusting. Other types of flashing, such as the roof boots used to seal plumbing vents, are even more susceptible than metal flashing. Bad flashing tends to cause bad leaks because joints and protrusions often provide direct access into a home.

Sealants, such as caulk, silicone and construction foam are sometimes used in place of flashing. Foam, for instance, provides an advantage over flashing in that it can fill tight, oddly shaped areas. These sealants need to be monitored and replaced regularly. If they're not, then they can lead to roof leaks similar to those caused by bad flashing.

Finally, roof leaks can be caused by gutters, soffits and fascias. Gutters that aren't regularly cleaned can result in blocked water flow, which can result in water backing up onto roof components. This water can rot soffits and fascias, which can result in leaks that are nearly indistinguishable from those caused by bad shingles. This water can also push up under shingles and result in a similar effect.

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