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Schenectady Roofing: Article About When Rooftop Snow Is Too Heavy

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Winter is an especially challenging season for roofs. When a major snowstorm hits, home and business owners are naturally concerned about the weight load on their roofs. Preparing in advance and knowing whether, when and how to remove fallen snow can make a real difference.

An untrained person who is ill prepared to take the snow off a roof faces particular danger. The person can be seriously injured, and the roof can be severely damaged. Local Schenectady roofing professionals can safely and efficiently remove even the heaviest snow or ice from a building's roof.

A roof under a heavy snowfall is threatened not by the thickness of the snow but its weight. An area of 6 inches of wet snow is equal to the same weight as 38 inches of dry snow. Whether snow is called wet or dry is determined by the snow ratio.

Average snow ratio is 10:1. That means if one melts 10 inches of snow, 1 inch of water will result. If the snow ratio is 5:1, then only 5 inches of snow will result in 1 inch of water, and it will be called a wet snow. Conversely, a 20:1 ratio will be a very dry snow.

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A lower ratio means a heavier snow.

First, owners should not panic if a blizzard is forecast. Any roof built to local code should be perfectly safe. Building codes demand that an approved roof be able to safely withstand the greatest snows expected in that locality. If there is any doubt about whether a roof will be safe under heavy snow, an owner should call roofing professional to inspect the roof before winter begins.

If snowfall is particularly heavy, the home's interior doors may start to stick. If this has never happened before that day, it probably means that the weight at the center of the structure is enough to distort the home's doorframes. The doors that need to be checked are those in the interior that lead to second floor rooms and closets. Drywall around the doors should be examined for cracking.

If these danger signs are present, a professional should be called immediately. It bears repeating that removing snow from a structure's roof is quite dangerous. Owners die every year from climbing unsafe ladders to an icy, steep roof. The cost to have the job done quickly, correctly and, above all, safely is less than buying the proper ladders, tools and safety equipment.

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