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When homeowners think of the roof, they often think only of the roof shingles or tiles. However, the tile or shingle roof covering is only one part of the roof system. The underlayment and the roof deck also play important parts in protecting the home. Because the roof deck, which is ultimately what supports the shingles, is so important, Schenectady roofing contractors are very careful about choosing the type of deck to install. There are three main types of roof decks that may be used on residential buildings: plywood, oriented strand board and insulation panels.

Plywood is made from layers of wood veneer that are bonded together. The grain of each layer of veneer lays perpendicular to each other, which makes the material stronger. Due to the veneer, plywood panels are resistant to rot, depending on the type of wood that was used. The panels are also less likely to warp or shrink as the temperatures change. Plywood can be very strong and will easily support the weight of a layer of shingles.

Oriented strand board, also referred to as OSB, became more widely used in residential construction starting in the 1970s. Like plywood, OSB is very durable, as it is made of wood strands that are bonded together using a resin binder.

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OSB is often less expensive than plywood, as the wood strands do not need to be cut out of large trees. The binder is waterproof, which increases the board's resistance to moisture penetration. However, OSB is still susceptible to water problems, meaning that homeowners need to be on the lookout for potential leaks.

Finally, there are insulation panels made from synthetic materials, such as polystryne. While these panels can be more expensive that plywood and OSB, the panels are insulated and can save homeowners some money in cooling and heating costs. However, all homes have different insulation needs, depending on where the home is located; research should be done to determine if this type of insulation and deck system can work for a particular home.

When choosing a roof deck, there a few things that must be considered. The most important thing is the type of roofing materials that are going to be installed on top, such as asphalt shingles or clay tiles. The type of climate the home is in should also be considered. With the right roof deck, the roof may last longer than its estimated life span.

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