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Schenectady Roofing: Article About Two Popular Roofing Misconceptions

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There are a couple of common misconceptions that homeowners have about roofs. One of the biggest ones is that the gutters do not have an integral role to play in safeguarding the roofing system. Whenever Schenectady roofing contractors conduct an inspection of the roof and discover that the gutters have become penetrated, cracked or clogged, they understand that the probability of roof leaks is much greater. The reason why is because the gutters and downspouts are responsible for properly channeling excess rain water away from the surface of the roof and the foundation of the home. A clogged gutter system can wreak major havoc on the fascia boards, soffits and sheathing. If the gutters are not repaired within a timely manner, water can even penetrate the roof deck and cause it to become susceptible to rotting. If enough rotting occurs and the deck begins to bow or sag, it can even cave in.

Since the gutters are such an important component of the roofing system, in many cases, contractors will install brand new gutter systems whenever they install a new roof. Homeowners are encouraged to ensure that their gutters are cleared from debris at least three times a year, especially before the fall and winter seasons.

Another common myth associated with roofs is that installing a new roof on top of an existing one can save the homeowner more money.

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While it might seem like an obvious choice for a homeowner to avoid the costs associated with a roof tear off in order to save some money, the reality is that it can be a much more expensive decision to make. The entire point of having a new roof installed is because the old one is causing problems for the homeowner. Whenever new shingles are installed without first removing the old ones, the roof will inherit those same problems. This can cause the new roof to prematurely age, resulting in the homeowner having to pay for a new one again. The costs are magnified whenever the roofing company has to tear off two layers of materials, as opposed to one.

Many roofing companies will not agree to lay a new roof over an old one because they understand how dangerous it is to not be able to visibly examine the roof deck by removing all of the existing materials. For this reason, some local building codes either forbid the process altogether, or they limit a reroofing project to two layers. It is much more equitable for the homeowner to have their roof repaired right the first time.

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