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Shingle roofing is usually laid from the bottom with each successive course overlapping toward the top. Shingle roofing is known to deteriorate faster than any other types of roofing. It needs replacing from time to time due to damage brought on by strong and frequent winds, ice or excessive rain. Homeowners would be wise to hire professional Schenectady roofing contractors to inspect for damaged or faulty roofing signs.

One of the signs that clearly depict that the shingle roof needs replacing is the roof's age. The roof may have served beyond its life expectancy, thus starting to wear out. Generally, experts estimate the life expectancy of a roof to range between twenty to twenty five years. Beyond this, the roof may need replacing. A lack of attention may later lead to unexpected roof problems. Signs of a roof that has served beyond its life span include cracking, wearing out as well as tearing.

Curling, or otherwise clawing, is another sign of a shingle roof that needs replacing. Curling occurs when a roof becomes rigid, which in turn leads to breakage. This can be noticed when one looks at the slopes of the roof that gets sunlight.

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Curling can be a result of an aging roofing system or excessive exposure to heat. When the roof exhibits this sign, it needs replacing to prevent the damage that can arise due to wind uplift and ice.

If there are missing granules or bare spots, then the shingle roof needs replacing. Granules may be washed away over time if they were poorly placed. Similarly, poorly designed valley drainage may also lead to granules being swept away by storm water. Aging or physical damage to the shingle roof may also lead to bare spots and loss of granules. Loss of protective granules may lead to the hardening of the shingle roof due to heat and exposure. The loss of granules on a shingle roof may increase the rate of aging and cause leakage. Hire reputable roofing contractors to regularly check the roof to ensure there are no missing granules or bare spots.

Buckling shingles is another sign indicating that the shingle roof needs replacing. Buckling is noticed by visible waved irregularities that usually run vertically up the slope of a roof. Buckled shingles are highly affected by strong winds and ice damage. The common causes of buckling shingles are aging and poorly installed underlayment. Similarly, in case new shingles are applied over old shingles, this may also lead to buckling.

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