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It is advisable for homeowners to have some background information on the roofing contractors they wish to hire. This not only gives them confidence while working with the roofers, but also gives them a rough idea on the services they will get. Furthermore, being informed helps weed out unscrupulous and incompetent roofing contractors. It is important to do a bit of research and know what to consider when hiring a Schenectady roofing contractor.

One should start by verifying the identity of the contractors. One may check for complaints that have been presented against the company either online or offline. The second step involves checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB keeps a record of the companies and any legal obligations or complaints against them.

One should then ask for copies of the business license. The business should be licensed by the state that the homeowner resides. If the contractors are offering services outside their home state, they should provide a valid license issued by their home state.

The contractor should have a valid liability insurance cover that covers its workers. This indemnifies the homeowner from liability should the workers be injured when installing the roof.

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Moreover, it is good for the homeowner to work with contractors who are authorized by the manufacturer to install particular roofing products. These products should be evaluated by a fire rating system to ensure safety of homeowners.

It is important for one to understand the exact task that the contractor is to undertake, especially if one is repairing or reroofing the building. This helps one notice where the contractor could be cutting corners during the installation process. One way to know what is supposed to be done is asking a few contractors to bid for the job and state what needs to be done after doing a survey of the building.

The roofer should not commence with the work before a contract has been signed with the owner of the building. In the contract, the contractor should state the estimated completion date. In addition, if he requires to be paid in bits before the work is complete; he or she should state the milestones that must be completed before any payment is made.

The owner of the building should also get a lien release from the contractor before work is commenced. If the contractor does not pay the suppliers after receiving the payment, the homeowner may be held liable. A lien release secures the owner of the house from such an occurrence.

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