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Large solar arrays, if used as a supplement to a home's power, leave a lot to be desired. Their large, ungainly appearance does not blend well with a home's design aesthetic and the cost of installing a large solar panel array could be prohibitive for many homeowners. Fortunately, roofing manufacturers have come up with a solution that allows energy-conscious property owners to beautify their homes while reducing their carbon footprint. A certified Schenectady roofing professional can help interested homeowners learn about the pros and cons of installing solar shingles. Homeowners should weigh the pros and cons of this choice of roofing material.

Solar shingles were developed in 2008 in response to energy-conscious consumers' desire to be able to use the sun's energy to power their homes. They are the same basic shape and size as a regular three-tab asphalt shingle and act both as a roofing product and as an energy gatherer. Sunlight is a clean, free and renewable resource, and solar shingles make harnessing that resource both simple and affordable.

Solar shingles can be used in conjunction with just about any other roofing material. It isn't necessary to roof a home fully with solar shingles in order to enjoy their cost-saving benefits. Some conditions must be met, however, in order to save money.

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The roof must have an adequate pitch and a southern face in order to be effective. Additionally, any overhanging branches will need to be cut back so that the sunlight can strike the face of the shingle. Any certified roofer can calculate the area that will need to be covered in order to produce the desired amount of savings.

Solar shingles are easy to install. They are connected together and then wired into the home's power grid. While this won't provide service during an outage, it will help save money on the monthly electric bill. The energy that is collected each day is used to power the normal electrical needs of the home. Any excess power that is generated can be sold back to the power company.

While solar shingles do cost more than traditional roofing products, they have the advantage of paying for themselves over time. Additionally, because solar shingles are considered a green roofing product, they qualify for both federal and state tax incentives. These can offset the cost of purchase and installation significantly.

As energy resources grow scarcer, switching to solar shingles can help conserve natural resources and help the homeowner save money.

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