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Schenectady Roofing: Article About Solar Roofing In Cloudy, Dreary Climes

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With an eye toward being more eco-friendly, homeowners are examining the benefits of solar roofing. Homeowners who are interested in solar roofing may wonder if their home receives enough sunlight. Speaking with a Schenectady roofing specialist may help to clear up the issue.

Location and climate are not always a determining factor in the decision to install solar roofing. San Francisco has proven that its solar paneling produces more energy than sunnier Sacramento. Germany, known for its chilly, overcast days, produces great amounts of solar energy.

Generally, solar panels work best on sunny, clear days. When it is cloudy, the typical solar collector produces at 5 to 25 percent its normal capacity. This efficiency can be improved depending the type of solar collector that is installed, however.

Some panels are made to be more productive with diffuse light. Other panels are made to collect a broader spectrum of light. Some collectors absorb blue and red wavelengths, so they generate greater electricity in overcast weather. Other solar panels absorb ultraviolet light, which is capable of penetrating cloud layers, so power can be generated on cloudy days.

Solar panels can absorb light that is reflected off clouds and fog as well as direct light. When this happens, more energy is produced on a cloudy day than on a sunny day.

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When a little bit of sunlight is reflected off the outer edge of a cloud or off fog, the sunlight is magnified. This produces a surge in the electricity. This reflective phenomenon also occurs when small rays of sunlight reflect off snow and pooling water. Installing a solar inverter helps harness this extra power.

An advantage of cloudy, rainy climates is that they tend to have cooler temperatures. This is good for solar collectors. The electronics within are more efficient when they are not too hot, which is why collectors in foggy, cool San Francisco produce more electricity per year than sunnier, hotter Sacramento.

Another factor that increases the amount of solar energy collected during San Francisco's weather patterns is the surge in electricity that is produced when sunlight reflects off the morning fog. When this fog disappears off by mid-morning, the solar collectors are then able to harness direct sunlight. In sum, these factors combine to make solar power an efficient energy solution for San Francisco.

Choosing to install solar roofing is a big decision for a homeowner. It is best to consult a roofing expert before taking the next steps to install solar panels.

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