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Homeowners may find themselves wondering if their roofs will hold up under the added weight of snow when a storm strikes. When this is the case, many will try to remove the snow themselves, often times without the proper equipment. Because removing snow from a roof can be dangerous, the first step a homeowner can take is a phone call to a Schenectady roofing professional. This is the homeowner's best source of advice for determining how much snow is too much. Removing the snow may turn out to be unnecessary.

Homeowners should keep in mind that it is the weight, rather than the depth of the snow on the roof, that can be a cause for concern. Snow that is fluffy and relatively dry does not cause nearly as much concern as wet and heavy snow. Wet snow can be as much as six times heavier per inch than dry snow. Add to this the fact that dry snow is much more easily blown around by the wind and the homeowner may find that there is no reason for worry.

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When a substantial amount of weight is accumulating on the roof from a wet snow, a few things can indicate reasons for concern. One sign of trouble is if the interior doors become harder to open. This can indicate that the roof is beginning to sag, putting pressure on the doors. Another reason for concern is if there has been a removal of a load bearing wall during a previous remodeling project, especially if it was done without securing the proper building permit, or if it was not done by a licensed contractor. There is much less reason for concern if the homeowner is confident that all building codes were met during construction. Building codes take into account the maximum snow load that can be reasonably expected in the given geographical location.

Individuals who decide that it is necessary to remove the snow from the roof and choose to do it themselves should limit their activity to something that can be done from the ground. Climbing onto a roof can be dangerous in any circumstance. It is even more so when the roof is slick. If the house is a single story structure, a snow rake can be effective in removing snow without climbing on a ladder. Any work that requires getting onto the roof in these circumstances should be left to the professionals.

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