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Many homeowners would like to increase the light in their home while lowering their energy bills. The good news is that affordable, energy efficient building materials are much more accessible than people think. Those looking to install or repair their skylights, for example, should contact their experienced Schenectady roofing team to better understand their options.

In addition to providing more natural light in a home, skylights have been proven to improve homeowners' quality of living. Exposure to extra sunlight in the darker months has been known to improve overall health as well as one's mood, as the darkness can often lead to seasonal depression. Skylights are also a green solution for the environmentally conscious. Homeowners often find that they become less energy dependent and don't need to turn on their lights as frequently as they enjoy natural sunlight throughout the day. This can result in lower energy bills. Some states even provide an energy tax credit for those installing green solutions, like skylights, in their home.

Skylights also come with so many custom features that they can suite just about any home's aesthetic. They will also increase the resale value of the home.

The roofing contractors at Ideal Construction of Schenectady can answer any questions you have regarding windows or insurance claims.

Homeowners can choose among tinted windows and sun screens as well as custom blinds. Some skylights even come with remote controlled openers so residents can enjoy the fresh air from outside. Skylights may also come equipped with rain sensors and will close automatically at the first indication of moisture in the air.

Homes with roofs that do not support skylights, or those in historic houses with a design that does not suit skylights, can still enjoy the benefits of natural light through the installation of tubular skylights. These systems look like a small exhaust pipe coming out of the roof, yet they function as small skylights. The tube is lined with a highly reflective material, providing even, natural light throughout the room in which it is installed.

Even the best windows need to be inspected annually, however. Windows are a major source of energy efficiency, and old windows with signs of damage can lead to drafts and an abundance of escaped air. In addition to the glass and flashing, homeowner should have an inspector assess the transom as well. Inspectors should also look for rot or mold as greater repairs will need to be made. Thankfully, windows are often a fairly simple system to repair, so issues can be resolved in a timely manner.

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