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Many homeowners do not consider the variety of ways in which a home's roof can add curb appeal to the building. Depending on what kind of additions or features the homeowner wants to have installed, roofs can make the home more aesthetically appealing and can increase its resale value.

Dormer windows can be a very attractive addition to a home's roof. They can break up a boring roof line and add architectural interest to a house. When a dormer window is added to a one-story ranch house, for example, it can add dramatic height to the roof. Additionally, flower boxes can be added to the outside of a dormer window.

A large dormer window can also function as a skylight to let in more sunlight into a dark foyer in a ranch home. Not only would a dormer let in more light, but the large open space overhead would also add more visual appeal to the foyer. Skylights can also be a point of interest on the roof and will enhance a dark and dreary interior.

A homeowner interested in a new roof addition or upgraded trim for their home should contact a Schenectady roofing contractor. A roofing professional can answer any questions a homeowner may have about new construction and can provide job estimates.

The roofing contractors at Ideal Construction of Schenectady NY can answer any questions you have regarding siding or windows.

With the assistance of a qualified professional, the Schenectady homeowner can be assured of quality work that will look beautiful for years to come.

There are many choices of trim and other architectural components commercially available for a home's roof, like decorative cornices or gable pieces. These components can add a lot of elegance to an otherwise plain house. Decorative trim is usually made from materials like PVC that will not warp, crack or rot, so the maintenance will be kept to a minimum. With decorative trim, the Schenectady homeowner can opt for an understated, elegant look to enhance their home's original design.

If the homeowner is planning to sell the home, the addition of a new dormer window or an upgrade with decorative trim for the roof, like corbels and brackets, can give the home a fresh appearance. This will make the home more appealing to prospective buyers.

If the homeowner is interested in browsing their options, computer software can be purchased that allows a homeowner to make changes to their roof in a virtual world. Many changes can be previewed until the right look is achieved.

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