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A large tree near the home may look beautiful and provide much-needed shade to keep the home cooler, but it can also cause problems for the homeowner. A professional Schenectady roofing company can offer advice about whether or not a tree might be problematic for a particular home, but homeowners should be aware of the issues that can arise when tree branches are hanging over the roof.

Leaves, pine needles and small branches are likely to fall onto the roof, especially in areas of the country that experience the falling leaves of autumn. This debris often enters into the gutter systems, causing clogs that prevent water from flowing freely. For instance, if a small stick is stuck in the downspout, leaves will then catch on the stick and start to build up. Soon, the water won't be able to exit properly through the downspout.

The shade that trees provide on hot summer days can also cause damage to the roofing system. For the shingles to work properly, they should be kept fairly dry in most cases. Overhanging branches can make it more difficult for the sun to dry the roof, providing a damp environment for mold or moss to grow.

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The constant dampness might also cause damage to the underlayment or decking underneath the shingles.

When branches hang over the roof, there's always the possibility that a branch could fall off and damage the roof. This is particularly worrisome in areas that experience frequent hurricanes. However, all areas of the United States are prone to the occasional storm with high winds, even if the winds never reach hurricane proportions. A falling branch could puncture the roof, allowing rain to enter. In a worst-case scenario, a large branch could create a very large hole.

Homeowners may also not think about how a tree with branches close to the roof can provide a point of access for small animals like chipmunks or squirrels. These animals may be looking for a warm place to stay through the winter, and might appreciate the ready-made shelter an attic provides. If there is even a small opening in the soffit, the animals can enter. Over time, they'll make the hole bigger.

The obvious solution to any of these problems is to trim branches away from the home's roof, and the safest way to do this is to hire a professional. However, the homeowner may prefer to keep the trees for their beauty while constantly paying attention to the state of the roof and making necessary repairs as soon as possible.

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