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Homeowners are constantly looking for those simple household changes that can positively impact their energy bills, such as closing the window blinds on a sunny day. The roof is often overlooked as an energy efficient system, but there are several alterations and repairs that Schenectady roofing professionals can perform to improve the household's energy usage. In fact, both minor and major roofing renovations can be made to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Homeowners who are in the market for a new roof replacement can strategically choose energy efficient materials based on color. Ideally, contractors might suggest light colored shingles for a brand new installation. Beige, white and other hues naturally reflect sunlight away from the home and leave it cooler as a result. Light colors also give the home a brand new exterior decor that stands out from other properties in the area as an added benefit.

Alternatively, homeowners could invest in highly reflective shingles for their replacement project. These specialized shingles can be dark colors, but they have tiny granules dotting their surfaces. Sunlight strikes these faceted granules, and ultraviolet radiation is then reflected away from the home. As a result, homeowners can still retain a dark colored rooftop and reflect sunlight radiation away from it. Contractors can bring sample shingles to a homeowner's roofing appointment so they can see the difference between reflective and non-reflective products.

The expert roofers at Ideal Construction of Schenectady NY can answer any questions you have regarding windows or siding.

Contractors also offer energy efficient services to enhance existing rooftops. In fact, professionals can seal all gaps and fissures across any rooftop by using roofing cement. Contractors carefully walk across the rooftop and inspect all seams or connection points. They apply roofing cement across any cosmetic or shallow cracks, and effectively block drafts from entering or exiting the home. A sealed roof contributes to an energy efficient home because conditioned air isn't lost to the outside atmosphere.

In addition, homeowners can also invest in attic insulation. Contractors must inspect the attic ceiling for any leaks and complete the project with spray in insulation. This energy efficient material keeps the roof at a uniform temperature to preserve material life spans, and it also retains conditioned air within the home.

Contractors examine all the roofing components, including the run, when they visit for a scheduled appointment. Roof pitch, height and other factors directly impact the home's energy efficiency, so workers devise system alterations and repairs based on their rooftop observations. Experienced contractors can partner with homeowners to make a home as efficient as possible with little investment through the years.

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