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Brand new roof installations are major household investments that pay off in property value over time. In fact, reputable Schenectady roofing professionals may have just completed a renovation project. Ideally, contractors should visit the property several times after installation to adjust settling materials. However, some materials may fail on the rooftop after only a few weeks. In these cases, homeowners must contact the right professionals to swiftly correct the problem.

Generally, most roof installations are problem free for many years. However, material defects can arise in the first few months after installation. Regardless of the rooftop failure, always contact the original installers for an evaluation. These professionals are familiar with all the materials and installation protocols, giving them an upper hand when troubleshooting the surface. With thorough inspections, contractors can pinpoint if material defects or poor workmanship contributed to rooftop failure.

On rare occasions, contractors may ask homeowners to contact the material manufacturer. For example, homeowners and contractors may participate in a conference call with the manufacturer. All three parties discuss product failure, causes and resolutions. Product manufacturers want to hear about their materials' success or failure in the field from eyewitnesses.

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As a result, homeowners provide critical information and insight into the roofing materials that may be overlooked otherwise.

Homeowners should contact another contractor for a second opinion after working with original installers. This alternative inspection simply gives homeowners an unbiased and professional opinion about their property. Ideally, both roofing professionals should offer similar opinions about material failure. With verified roofing information, homeowners can work with original installers to fix the issue under possible warranty conditions.

Although manufacturer and contractor warranties normally cover installation failures, homeowners may want to contact their insurance agents too. Some policies, for example, could cover incidental costs associated with failed roof materials. Homeowners must read through their insurance policy to find any exclusions regarding new roofing installations. Ideally, homeowners should schedule insurance adjusters and roofing installers on the same day. They can work together to devise the best repair plan for residents without extra costs added to the initial investment.

Every roof consists of several critical layers, so it's important for contractors to thoroughly troubleshoot all materials at each maintenance appointment. Shingles could appear defective, for example, but it's really the felt courses below that may be bunched and wrinkled. In the end, proper installation and final inspections reduce new material failure possibilities. Contractors must be well versed in project preparation, installation and final inspections to offer superior workmanship.

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