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Across the United States, damage from wind and hail costs billions of dollars every year. It may come as a surprise, but New York is among the states that are hardest hit in terms of monetary losses. That's why Schenectady roofing experts recommend that homeowners understand how to inspect for and identify potential storm damage, as well as the process for filing a claim with their insurance company. There are many factors to consider when it comes to storm damage and insurance claims, and a little bit of knowledge can save a lot of money.

Of course, the first step in the process is to identify storm damage. Homeowners should always conduct a quick inspection following any storm that features strong winds or hail of any size. All too often, homeowners fail to notice roof damage until it's too late to report to their insurance. In some cases, minor damage that has gone unnoticed can even lead to more extensive problems over time.

A cursory check can be done from the ground by using binoculars, though it's better to get a closer look by using a ladder whenever possible.

The roofing experts at Ideal Construction of Schenectady NY can answer any questions you have regarding doors or insurance claims.

Hail damage can sometimes be subtle and easy to miss to the untrained eye, but it often leaves visible dents or shingle bruises on the surface. Larger hail or strong winds can cause shingles to crack, buckle or tear off altogether. Gutters and downspouts should also be checked for shingle granules, which can indicate roof damage if they appear suddenly following a storm. Flashing is another important area to check for damage, as well as gutters, roof vents and other components.

If roof damage is suspected, it's important to contact a roofing professional for an expert inspection. This accomplishes several things. First, it verifies that roof damage has, in fact, been caused by a storm. This reduces the possibility of filing an insurance claim needlessly, which can impact insurance premiums. Second, it ensures that no roof damage has been missed and left unaddressed. Third, the roofer can help explain exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Finally, and most importantly, a professional roofing company can work with a homeowner's insurance to handle the claims process as smoothly as possible. A contractor will assist in filing a claim, provide a reasonable estimate for the cost of repairs and then conduct the repairs in a timely manner. This has the potential to become a long, convoluted and costly ordeal if handled improperly, but working with a trusted contractor can make the process quick and hassle free.

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