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One of the many dangers posed by snow is the possibility of its weight causing a roof collapse. Snow's accumulated mass over long periods of precipitation is more than enough to compromise the structural integrity of all kinds of roofs, no matter what they are made of. Even after snowfall ends, weight can continue to build by way of ice and rain, which will collect, freeze and add to the overall pressure. It is very dangerous to allow snow to remain piled up on top of a house. An impending roof collapse will make itself very obvious. If any warning signs appear, homeowners are encouraged to contact a Schenectady roofing company for assistance immediately.

A good roof will do its best to stay upright for as long as it can, but some deformities will appear with enough weight. From the outside, one may notice their shingles sagging inwards. The same phenomena may occur at parts of the ceiling indoors. Other signs of bending from the roof supports and framework may not be as easily spotted depending on the construction of the house but often occur simultaneously to sagging in the roof. At the very least, until the snow is cleared, a house displaying these symptoms is unsafe to reside in. Repairs and reinforcements will need to be made whether the roof collapses or not.

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In some cases, it may be difficult to see signs of a rooftop sagging. Instead, one will simply experience several leaks all over the house. This should not be attributed to melting snow simply seeping through the roof's protective elements but instead as a sign that there is sagging and bending somewhere that cannot be seen, perhaps due to snow coverage. Doors and windows under pressure may be difficult to open and close and may burst open on their own sporadically. Even if there is no detectable sagging in the roof and ceilings, these are major signs that a roof has too much weight on it to manage.

In order to avoid roof collapses, one should regularly have their homes inspected and repaired before the winter season, especially if they're located in a place that sees frequent heavy snowfall. Drains, gutters and downspouts should always be kept clear of dirt and debris that hold moisture and prevent it from leaving the roof. Missing shingles, which provide snow with places to dig in and build up, should always be replaced. During periods of heavy snowfall, homeowners should be prepared to have someone come out and remove excess snow to prevent it from building up.

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