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While protecting one's home from the elements starts with a quality roof, other important structural features also need to be in place, such as the home's siding. Siding plays a critical role in supporting the roof and protecting against leakage, storm damage and pest infestation. When homeowners are interested in learning more about their siding options, they should call on a reliable and honest Schenectady roofing team. The combinations of roofing materials and styles are endless and sure to meet just about anyone's budget and style goals.

While it may seem antiquated, a painted shingle exterior often provides a quality look and result. Painted exteriors can be very versatile for those that want to change up the color of their home's exterior, and, of course, paints offer the most color versatility compared to the process of installing colored siding options. This option is also very economical. Most exterior paints offer great weather protection and greater longevity and can maintain their color for a long time. Homeowners looking to decrease their energy bill can even find paints that will help lower their heating and cooling costs.

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These paints often have subtle reflective properties to help manage this task, though the reflective nature is unnoticeable to the naked eye.

For those that don't feel like painting their home, vinyl siding is an incredibly popular alternative. Vinyl is a highly durable synthetic material that maintains its color and appearance for a very reasonable price. This type of siding can withstand harsh elements and will not need to be maintained like painted siding. That being said, it is very important for a homeowner to maintain whatever type of siding that they select. Vinyl siding is prone to cracks after years of wear and tear and exposure to the elements. These cracks, if left untreated, can lead to pest infestations in addition to leakage and rot.

In addition to paint and vinyl, a number of natural products in the siding market that have recently grown in popularity. Natural products include wood and stone and offer some of the greatest resistance against the elements and the effects of normal wear and tear. These materials are also the environmentally friendly choice for those looking for a green option. Their reflective properties can help keep a home energy efficient for years to come.

Regardless of whether a homeowner selects wood, stone, vinyl or a painted interior, the products available to create a pleasing aesthetic are endless.

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