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Schenectady Roofing: Article About Residential Clay Shingle Maintenance Tips

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While clay tile roofing systems can be one of the most durable and easy to care for surfaces available, homeowners with clay tile roofs will still want to keep up with their inspections and maintenance duties in order to prevent hidden problems from becoming major issues. When necessary, it is recommended for homeowners to contact a Schenectady roofing specialist for a comprehensive inspection. Outside of such regularly scheduled inspections, homeowners should be sure to follow a simple set of guidelines in order to maintain and protect the structural and aesthetic integrity of their roofing system.

First, it is important for homeowners to remember not to walk on top of their clay tiles. This is a vital part of preventing damage from occurring to the system during the inspection process. When homeowners are not careful during this stage, they may break off the tiles or suffer from injuries themselves. Clay shingles are susceptible to physical damage, especially along the ridge cap, despite their ability to resist long term weathering and elemental damage. The best way to avoid damaging the shingles is to avoid walking on the roof all together.

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When roofing experts need to climb onto the roof's surface, they will usually install special wooden platforms to help lighten their weight and avoid damaging the shingles.

The best way to inspect the clay surface is to stand across the street from the property and look over the rooftop with a pair of binoculars. With the binoculars, homeowners will get a much closer look at their roofing system. From this safe distance, they will be able to determine whether any sections of the roof need to be replaced or repaired. In addition to spotting damage, homeowners can also use binoculars to identify sections on the roof that need to be cleaned.

If homeowners spot that a section of the roof needs to be cleaned, they can easily mix a cleaning solution with detergent and water and then apply it to their roof's surface. After applying the cleaning solution and allowing it to sit on the roof's surface for a little while, homeowners will then be able to proceed with a pressure wash to get rid of the detergent and remove stubborn sections of grime from their roof. In order to use this device correctly, homeowners should aim at the surface of their shingles at a slight angle. It is also important to remember that the washer should always be a few inches away from the tiles to avoid damage.

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