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Schenectady Roofing: Article About Protecting The Roof From Fire

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A roof is a common source of a house fire, especially in areas where trees are thick and wildfire danger is high. A flying spark can land on a roof and quickly ignite combustible debris or structures. By the time the homeowner notices a roof fire, it may have already burned into the attic of the home. There are many preventative steps a homeowner can take to protect Schenectady roofing from fire damage.

The most important maintenance task involves keeping the roof and gutters clear of debris. Dry leaves, conifer needles and small twigs will easily catch a small spark. Once ignited, a fire can quickly spread through the gutters, to the roof and into the wood structures of the home. Another step a homeowner can take is to protect the roof by treating it with fire retardant chemicals. This is especially important when the roof is comprised of wooden shingles. The roof can also be completely replaced with fire resistant roofing materials or materials that feature fireproof coatings.

If the home has a fireplace or wood stove, the chimney should be inspected annually and cleaned as needed.

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Chimneys and stovepipe openings should be equipped with a spark guard to prevent embers from landing on the roof. The homeowner should also avoid burning when winds are gusty. Firewood supplies should be stored well away from the home and any other buildings as well.

In areas where trees are plentiful and wildfires are a concern, it is important for the homeowner to create a firebreak around the home. A firebreak should include little in the way of burnable fuel, and it typically includes a green lawn with small ornamental plants that are resistant to fire. A rock garden or small, thin, well-pruned trees may be attractive options within the firebreak as well. No trees or organic material should have contact with the roof, as the firebreak should extend to approximately 30 feet around the home. Beyond the firebreak, any dead or dying organic materials should be removed, and trees should be trimmed back from power lines that lead to the home.

The homeowner should also make sure the driveway to the home is kept clear for emergency vehicles and that a water source is available for fighting potential fires. The roof is a home's first defense from fire, and if a spark on the roof doesn't have the opportunity to ignite, the home may survive.

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