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To many homeowners, the attic is simply unused space between the ceiling and the rafters. In reality, the attic is a complex system that enables both the roof and the housing structures to function properly. Many roofing problems have their origins in poorly functioning attics. Experienced Schenectady roofing contractors have the know how to get and keep an attic working its best, allowing homeowners to enjoy their homes without worrying about roofing problems.

The boundary between the attic and the home must be properly constructed in order to prevent heat and moisture transfer from the home to the attic. This requires a moisture barrier between the ceiling and the insulation and that the ceiling be air sealed.

Insulation in the attic must meet or exceed building codes to further impede the transfer of heat from the home's interior. The insulation must be kept dry and "fluffy" in order for it to properly restrict heat flow. This is accomplished by the moisture barrier and by keeping the roof leak free.

Proper ventilation, in combination with tight ceiling boundaries and adequate amounts of insulation, is the key to a healthy attic.

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The IBC recommends that attics employ one square foot of balanced, passive attic ventilation for every 150 square feet of attic floor space. Passive ventilation takes advantage of the natural convection currents that form as hot air moving up and out of the attic through ridge or gable vents allows cooler air from the soffits to enter the attic, effectively cooling it.

A cool attic relieves homeowners of many roofing repair headaches. A cool, dry attic prohibits the growth of mold inside it, allows the insulation to perform properly, extends the underlayment and shingles' water resistant abilities, and prolongs the life of the shingles above it. A home with a cool attic uses less energy for heating and cooling, extending the serviceable life of its HVAC unit.

In the winter, a properly configured attic prevents ice dams from forming because the deck doesn't melt the snow accumulated on the roof. Without a layer of meltwater beneath the snow, rooftop snow slides are far less likely to occur. Without ice dams and avalanching snow, gutters and shingles aren't ripped away.

When the spring thaw begins, the cool attic has preserved the roof's ability to stay watertight, so no leaks occur. Because the gutters, soffits and fascia are still intact, the meltwater is safely whisked away from the home where it cannot cause problems with the siding or the foundation.

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