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When a homeowner sees signs of trouble with their roof, the time has probably come for a roof inspection. Some roof owners choose to do this on their own; however, many Schenectady roofing contractors offer inspections free of charge. With the dangers inherent in getting up on a roof, it can make sense to leave this task to the professionals.

A roof owner can select a roofing contractor based on word of mouth or a careful comparison of local roofers' rates and reputations. Once a homeowner completes this legwork and has scheduled a roofing contractor to check out their roof, what can they expect to happen?

If the roof owner is working with a professional roofer, they should expect timely attention to the inspection request, especially if there are issues with leaks. Homeowners can get a good sense of how reliable the roofer is in general based on the quality of their response to this first appointment.

The roofing contractors should bring equipment that allows them to get up and inspect the roof up close. Why call in a professional if they're only going to look from the ground, the same as any homeowner can do? The roofer should inspect metal flashing for signs of deterioration and rust, especially around any roof accessories like chimneys and vents.

The expert roofers at Ideal Construction of Schenectady can answer any questions you have regarding windows or siding.

The parts of the roof that are subject to a lot of water load, like the roof valleys, also need special attention and a sharp eye.

Besides checking the roof exterior, most roofers will take a look at the roof from the inside with a visit to the attic. From there, they can verify the condition of the roof deck and see if water is making its way inside.

After the inspection, a roof owner may receive an estimate immediately if the repairs are simple. Otherwise, most roofing professionals will need to prepare an estimate off site. They'll return in a few days with an inspection report along with their recommendations.

It takes a little time to make an estimate because the roofing contractor needs to check on the latest pricing and lead times for materials. This way, they can give the roof owner an accurate expectation of pricing and the schedule for completion. Of course, if the condition of the roof is dire, the contractor will put that estimate at the top of their list.

Typically, the homeowner can anticipate receiving an itemized breakdown of the labor and materials that'll be needed to complete the job. Some contractors give this as a lump sum, while others will go into more detail with their breakdowns. The contractor should also let the roof owner know the type of warranty they provide.

After a roof inspection, a homeowner can make an informed decision on how they want to proceed. By getting everything in writing, they can be sure that the contractor will meet or even exceed their expectations.

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