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Schenectady Roofing: Article About Preventing Galvanic Corrosion In A Rooftop

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When homeowners choose a new flashing material, it is important for them to select an option that will be able to meet their expectations in terms of durability and longevity. Most flashings are made from metal materials, and while they can be a reliable option for the long term, they need to be matched with the right system or they may end up causing problems for homeowners. One of the biggest concerns that all of these systems have is their chance to corrode when set next to other metals. Schenectady roofing experts are prepared to help homeowners alleviate such concerns, and new customers should learn more about the process in order to avoid long term damage to their flashings system.

With most metal components, the experts will make sure that they are not touching each other in order to avoid the galvanic corrosion process in the first place. In typical configurations, the experts will use metals that consist of the same alloys to generate the best results. It is when different metals begin to make direct contact with each other that most durability and corrosion problems occur.

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If it is not possible for the experts to use similar metals, they may utilize a variety of strategies to achieve the desired results.

One of the first and simplest strategies that roofing professionals will use is separating the dissimilar metals with some type of barrier. This can include any variety of thin materials, including durable tapes, sealants, membranes and building papers. As long as the substance is sufficiently durable and capable of keeping the two metals from touching each other, it may be used to great effect in the final roofing configuration. Often, however, these materials will need to be replaced to preserve their durability.

Roofers will also coat the less active alloy with a special substance in order to keep all of the ions contained. This substance can include any variety of materials such as nonconductive paint or a general coating of bitumen. The experts will usually choose the substance based on what will work most efficiently in terms of appearance and practicality in the roofing system.

Finally, experts may simply place the metals against each other in such a way that will discourage future problems. They can do this in order to avoid potential runoff from the less active metal to the more active metal. When runoff is prevented in such a way, it can be easy to avoid unforeseen issues along the roof's surface.

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