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Schenectady Roofing: Article About Most Common Roof Problems

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Unforeseen or obvious roof problems are a significant expense for any homeowner. Shingle roofs are prone to curling and discoloration. Curling occurs when there is no ventilation, and due to high nails or fasteners that are installed improperly. Curling encourages water seepage. Discoloration in a shingle roof is a sign of a leak. Missing or broken shingles leave the roof susceptible to holes, rotting and other kinds of damage.

Gutters prevent water from penetrating a building's foundation and also protect the building's structural integrity. They are susceptible to debris and water buildup that can eventually cause mildew and mold under the roof. Excess twigs, the weight of leaves and stagnant water can cause gutters to sag and withdraw from the fascia. Sagging gutters are a sign that the hangers are either worn out or spaced far apart and, therefore, cannot support the gutters.

The deterioration of roof flashing is a common roof problem. Flashing is used for sealing roof system perimeters, edges, walls, penetrations, drains, valleys and other parts where the roof covering is terminated. Flashing seals the spaces in the roof where water may pass through and leak inside the house. Many Schenectady roofing contractors shape flashing from sheet metal. Oxidization and weather are the common factors that cause flashing to deteriorate.

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Soffits are the surface that is under the overhanging part of the roof eave. This part consists of small holes that enable air circulation drawing moisture and heat from the house. Soffits prevent rot in the rafters and sheathing and also ventilate the attic. They are also helpful in regulating the temperature in the attic and the entire house. Cracks, rotting and holes on the soffits may lead to water damage or the entrance of small animals or insects into the house.

Failing to maintain low sloped or flat roofs is another cause of roof problems. Failing to rectify uneven roofs causes water and sediments to accumulate and eventually destroy the roof material. Failing to replace the roof can also cause roof problems. The material used for roofs deteriorates when exposed to the elements of weather. Exposure to the industrial atmosphere or pollutants accelerates the rate at which roofing material decays. Inorganic roofing is less susceptible to deterioration than organic roofing material.

A faulty roof installation increases the chances of roof problems and reduces the life expectancy of a roof. Workmanship is one of the causes of roof problems. For example, if the roof is not cleaned, dried or primed properly before installation, roof problems will crop up in the future. Sheets that are installed when temperature and other conditions are not right can result in problems like leaks, wrinkles, contraction of sheets, fish mouths or blisters.

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