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When people think about pests in the roof, they often think of mice or birds nesting up in the attic. Few think about the extensive damage that can be caused by insects, but any Schenectady roofing company can tell you that insects have the potential to ruin many of the home's structural components. With these tips in mind, homeowners can look for the signs of insect infestations.

There are a few different types of insects that can cause damage to the home. Termites are well-known for living off of the wood, but carpenter ants, carpenter bees and powderpost beetles can also cause problems. The biggest problem when these types of insects make their way into the attic and roof is that they start to break down the wood that's holding up the roof. Insects eating away at the rafters or the decking could cause the roof to cave in, leaving the home exposed and costing several thousands of dollars in damage.

Unfortunately, damage from insects isn't always covered by a homeowner's insurance plan. That's why it is essential to recognize the signs of these wood damaging insects and rectify the situation as soon as possible.

All of these types of insects could cause visible holes in the wood.

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A homeowner might notice several tiny holes made by powderpost beetles or one-inch holes made by carpenter bees. Near the holes, there could be small piles of sawdust made from the bugs eating through the wood. Sometimes, homeowners might even see the bugs within the home, trying to gain entry to the home or just swarming in general. Homeowners might be able to check the problem early on by performing a simple visual check in the attic.

Despite the homeowner's fears of roofing damage, the first call a homeowner makes should not be to a roofing company. Without getting rid of the bugs completely, there is a potential of re-infestation in any of the areas fixed by the roofer. The homeowner should first call a qualified pest removal company to deal with the infestation.

After the bugs are gone, it's time to call in a roofing professional. They'll come and assess all of the damage done by the bugs and recommend a plan of action to mitigate any of the damage. In many cases, this could mean tearing off a part of the roof, replacing decking or rafters, then re-shingling the repaired area.

Dealing with an insect infestation in the roof is a two-step problem, and it's essential to deal with the situation properly, despite the expense. Homeowners need to work on getting rid of the infestation, then go on to make repairs to the roof.

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