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When it's time to update the look of a home, turn to a professional Schenectady roofing company for assistance. While replacing windows with a more energy efficient option is relatively straightforward, it's also possible to update the space with special features, unique finishes and even different shapes. Here are just a few of the options that homeowners might want to consider in order to boost curb appeal and create a more attractive space.

When it comes to windows, most people think of new construction fixtures. These include everything from the frame to the sash, and they're used for new construction projects, additions and for creating a new window shape. Replacement windows will reuse the framework that's already in place. They will feature the same shape and roughly the same size as the existing window, but they cost slightly less than new construction options. Both can be highly energy efficient and very attractive.

Today, most windows are made of some type of vinyl or vinyl coated material because this is easier to maintain over the years. However, people can still find wood windows if this is what a homeowner wants. All materials can be very energy efficient and can help maintain comfortable interior temperatures. Regardless of the materials that one chooses, it's important to look for fixtures that have heat welded joints rather than simply relying on screws or fasteners.

The roofing experts at Ideal Construction of Schenectady NY can answer any questions you have regarding siding or insurance claims.

Homeowners should remember that they don't have to go with the same style. A picture window with casements on either side can be replaced with double hung windows, new bay windows or even a plant window with shelves for growing herbs and flowers. Additionally, these can be enlarged or shrunk, and one can even go with a different shape if they're willing to invest in new construction windows.

People who love the look of smaller windowpanes can go with airspace grilles for a great look that's also easy to care for. Tilting panes make it easy to clean windows. Another modern option is removable panels that easily slip in and out of place so that they're easier to replace if a stray ball breaks the glass.

Replacing the windows in a home is a great way to improve energy efficiency levels and save on utility bills. It's also a prime way to change the look and feel of a property. Before deciding to go with the exact same window type, people are encouraged to learn more about the different options and see how they can improve their curb appeal.

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