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When hailstorms move into an area, the home's roof becomes vulnerable to damage. The amount of harm depends on hail size and on roofing materials. Some roofs are more susceptible to certain types of hail damage than others, but the impact that ice stones have on roofing materials, siding and gutters makes it essential for homeowners to be aware of all potential hazards.

The sizes of hailstones vary; they can be as small as the head of a pin or as large as a baseball. Mini hailstones don't normally cause damage. Generally, a stone needs to be at least the size of a penny. However, a stone's size isn't the homeowner's only concern. Most hailstones are not smooth balls. Their jagged edges can tear or poke holes in the shingles or flashing. In addition, hailstones have been known to shake asphalt granule coatings loose or cause shingles and tiles to split. Roof vents can also be harmed.

For that reason, it's wise to have a Schenectady roofing company inspect the roof, siding, gutters and other structures after a storm. If homeowners wait until the damage becomes visible, it might be too late to file an insurance claim. While most homeowners think of roof damage in terms of the roof leaking, leaks are usually preceded by other types of damage.

The roofing experts at Ideal Construction of Schenectady NY can answer any questions you have regarding insurance claims or siding.

For example, impact marks are commonly left by hail. The force of the hail hitting the roof's shingles leaves dents, making the shingle more susceptible to moisture and water damage in that area. Hail doesn't hit in any consistent pattern, but the dents left behind will be dark. If the force wasn't hard enough to dent the roof, however, the area hit will only be soft and spongy. Eventually, once water that collects inside the dents has worn a hole in the shingle, the roof will start leaking. If the roof had been inspected right after the hailstorm, the problem could have been corrected before the roof started leaking.

If hail comes in at an angle, the siding, windows or gutters can be affected as much as, or more so, than the roof. Marred siding, broken windows or loose gutters will need to be repaired right away. While a simple ding in an aluminum gutter might not interfere with the gutter's ability to do its job, homeowners should always have their home inspected by a professional after a storm. Not all signs of hail damage will be easily visible from the ground.

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