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Shingles get dirty over time thanks to rain, wind, snow, ice and overhanging trees. That accumulation of grime is the main reason why old shingles lack the crisp appearance that new shingles have. The good news is that most of the dirt that accumulates on a roof doesn't stain, which means that your local Schenectady roofing contractor can use cleaning agents to help restore the original color and definition.

Homeowners don't have to wait for a roof to get grimy enough to call out the professionals. In fact, many roofers recommend that their clients to perform a light cleaning of their roofs once or twice a year. Cleaning once after summer and then again after winter can go a long way toward having shingles that look almost brand new throughout the life span of the roof. Homeowners can perform this regular cleaning themselves or have a roofer come out and do it. Some roofers even offer service agreements that include an annual or a biannual cleaning.

Perhaps the easiest way to clean a roof is to use a pressurized garden sprayer. Make sure that the sprayer hasn't been used for other applications, such as stain.

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Most professionals will mix a gallon of water, a cup of bleach and a cup of powdered laundry detergent into the sprayer. If possible, use hot water. Hot water will help the mixture mix more evenly and better activate the bleach and detergent. Many professionals opt for oxygen bleach over standard bleach because it's more ecofriendly. Some will mix in an herbicide as well, but the bleach is strong enough to serve as a proactive treatment for algae, mildew and similar growth.

After mixing the solution, cap the sprayer and then pump it up. Ideally, the homeowner should be able to reach the peak of the roof without leaving the ladder. If it's necessary to leave the ladder, be sure to work from the ridgeline back toward the ladder. Scrubbing generally isn't required, but in cases where it is, be sure to use a soft bristled brush designed for shingles so that it won't strip off the granules.

Let the mixture sit on the shingles for at least 15 minutes. Then take a garden hose and rinse the roof. Start in the first section cleaned and then work around the same path. Ideally, with the right attachment, the water stream from the garden hose should reach the ridge. If it's necessary to stand on a ladder while using the hose, be careful and wear rubber soled shoes.

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