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If a storm has produced hail, it may be a good idea to turn to Schenectady roofing professionals for a thorough inspection and assessment. While small hailstones may only damage a roof cosmetically, larger stones can result in serious structural damage, shorten the life of the roofing materials and result in water leaks. Here's what homeowners should know about hail damage, how it can harm the roof and what steps can be taken to correct the problem.

It's not always easy to see hail damage on a roof, but that doesn't mean that the surface is perfectly fine. Chipping corners, tiny cracks and stress cracks in the backing of the shingles will all contribute to water leaks later if the shingles remain in place. One of the big problems with hail damage is that the visible signs may be minute and difficult to discern, so it's important to have a skilled professional handle the inspection.

A major concern when it comes to hail damage is that it strips away the protective roofing granules. As these granules are lost, the shingles become more susceptible to water intrusion.

The roofing contractors from Ideal Construction of Schenectady can answer any questions you have regarding windows or insurance claims.

It may take months or even years for the shingles to fail and create water leaks, but the fact is that a loss of granules will drastically reduce the effective life of the shingles.

Many people don't realize that a roof damaged by hail may be a qualifying event under the homeowner's insurance policy. Some companies will simply pay for a new roof, and others will discount the payout based on the age of the roof and the expected remaining life. Homeowners can choose to work with a contractor who will help them with the claims process and work directly with the insurance company on repair estimates.

Homeowners should also bear in mind that insurance claims can be denied or reduced based on different factors. The heat damage caused by improper attic ventilation can look like hail damage, which is a disqualifying factor. Area residents can prolong the life of a roof and avoid future problems with the insurance company by having the ventilation levels in the attic professionally checked and adjusted.

It's impossible to control the weather, but homeowners can still control the outcomes by knowing what to look for and when to call for help. Avoid problems down the road by having a roof inspected immediately after any major storm. Work with a company that can provide assistance with the insurance claim in order to simplify and expedite the process.

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