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Schenectady Roofing: Article About Extensive Roof Damage From A Tree

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Trees are beautiful and can add value and curb appeal to any home. When they are too close to a house, however, they can cause serious damage to the roof. Tree branches that regularly brush against the roof can cause wear to the shingles. Alternately, squirrels or rats could use the tree branches to gain access to the roof and attic. Tree branches can also scratch and damage the windows and other trim when allowed to grow too close to the house.

If a Schenectady homeowner has big trees with branches that overhang their home's roof, contact a local roofing contractor to assess the situation. A qualified and knowledgeable Schenectady roofing professional can offer valuable information on needed roof repairs at an affordable cost. A roofing contractor can also recommend a reliable local tree service that can either trim the trees back or remove them entirely.

In the autumn, large trees can drop massive amounts of leaves onto a house's roof and a lot of them will collect in the roof valleys. These dead leaves will remain piled on the roof until they are manually removed. Not only that, but they will collect and hold moisture against the roof, setting the stage for dry rot fungus to start eating the plywood roof decking.

Masses of dead leaves will also collect in the gutters and prevent rainwater from draining properly.

The roofing contractors at Ideal Construction of Schenectady NY can answer any questions you have regarding insurance claims or siding.

This means moisture will remain in the dead leaves and eventually will cause roof damage to occur.

The increased moisture will keep the fascia boards from drying out and they will begin to decay. This decay will eventually spread to the soffits and into the attic. The abundance of moisture in the gutters can also cause them to rust if the gutters are made of metal. When enough decaying matter accumulates within the gutters, plant life will start to sprout and grow.

Dead leaves on a roof will also encourage the presence of potentially destructive animals or birds, which prey on the insects in the dead, wet leaves. Oak trees can also drop acorns onto the roof and these will attract animals as well.

With big trees near the house, there is always the danger of falling limbs and branches. Some bigger limbs can do a lot of damage to a roof and can even smash through it during a violent storm. The impact of large tree limbs can break windows, destroy siding and can also pose a threat to small children and pets.

Scheduling routine roof inspections and maintenance will help identify tree damage before it becomes extensive.

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