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A homeowner who is in need of a roof replacement and would like to look at ways to make maximum use of the home's attic space should contact a Schenectady roofing contractor to discuss available options. This discussion should take place before the roofing work begins in the event that some changes in the roofing framework are necessary, especially if the homeowner desires to convert the attic into extra living quarters.

Dormers are frequently added to the main part of the roof to increase the amount of usable space in the attic. Doing so converts a portion of the sloped roof to a vertical section that expands the headroom. Consequently, the dormer has walls on three sides and is covered by its own roof that is oriented at a right angle to the main roof.

The roofing style that is used on dormers can vary depending on the homeowner's tastes. A gabled roof is the most commonly used. This is where there are two equally sloped sides that join at a ridge in the center. Dormers that utilize these types of roofs are often narrow with a single window on the front.

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When this is the case, there are often two or more dormers on the same side of the roof. However, this is not a necessity because dormers can be as wide as the homeowner desires.

Dormers that are wide enough to enclose an entire room are sometimes fitted with a shed roof, which consists of a single surface that slopes downward to permit rainwater to run off. They are often more practical on a wider addition because a gabled roof would be difficult to construct without having the ridge of the dormer roof being higher than the ridge of the main roof.

Hip roofs are often used on dormers that are placed on houses whose main roof is also this type. This gives a consistent appearance to all roof sections. A hip roof differs from a gabled roof because the end sections slope downward. While these roofs are popular in all parts of the country because of the way they look, they also provide a practical advantage in locations that are subject to high winds.

Homeowners who are planning to install a dormer onto an existing structure should check the weather forecast for the few days after the work is scheduled to begin. Dry weather during this time is important because the work requires cutting a hole in the existing roof.

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