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Concrete roofs are strong, sturdy and long lasting. They come in two basic varieties: poured concrete and concrete tile. Each of these roofing styles has their own benefits and drawbacks, but both can offer a home hardy protection and a distinctive look.

Poured concrete roofs are usually flat. Such roofs are most common on commercial buildings, but some homes and other residential buildings have flat roofs as well. These roofs offer the advantage of additional living space for homeowners but require more precise engineering to ensure proper drainage. Some roofs solve this issue by trading the extra living space for a sloped concrete roof. However, sloped poured concrete roofs are more difficult to construct, making them very rare.

Concrete Schenectady roofing more often comes in the form of concrete tiles. These tiles are used similarly to other forms of tile roofs such as slate and clay. One benefit to concrete tile roofs is relative cost; concrete is one of the cheapest tile roofing materials on the market. In fact, when the longevity of concrete is considered, it can be cheaper than asphalt shingles. However, this assumes that the roof is already built in such a way that it can support the weight of concrete.

Most homes are not built to support the heavier roofing material, and this can increase the cost of a concrete re roofing project substantially.

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Concrete roofs work best on buildings that have been made from concrete or brick. Many homes have wooden frames that were built with asphalt shingles in mind. These frames are typically not strong enough to support concrete without additional reinforcement. It is this reinforcement more than the cost of the tile that can make a concrete re roof so expensive.

A well maintained concrete roof can last longer than almost any other building material. In fact, some concrete roofs have been known to last over a century. Concrete roofs can save money over the long term as a result.

Concrete tile comes in a variety of different colors and shapes, and it can even be made to mimic other roofing materials such as wood shake. The result is a long lasting, economical and attractive roof that is distinguished from more common roofing types such as asphalt. Despite a potentially costly initial investment, concrete tile roofs are worth consideration for re roofing any home. Likewise, a poured concrete roof can sometimes be an economical and attractive option for those looking for a more industrial look.

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