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Wood has long been used as a roofing cover and cedar shakes and shingles are among the most attractive and enduring options. Using cedar to roof a home does require some commitment and the willingness to keep up with routine maintenance, however. In return, property owners not only have a beautiful roof, they will also improve the overall value of their home significantly. To find out more about the pros and cons or roofing a home with cedar, a Schenectady roofing professional interested property owners. Here are some basic facts for those who may be considering using this product on their homes in the near future.

Cedar shingles are versatile, energy efficient and resistant to severe weather conditions. Cedar shakes and shingles come in a huge variety of widths, sizes and shapes, so a cedar roof can be highly customized. Even when two people use the same type and cut of cedar shingles, their roofs will look very different because of the unique properties, like color and texture, inherent in the wood. Additionally, as the wood ages, its color fades from a brownish-red to a silvery patina. This fading is normal and adds to the overall beauty of the roof.

Shakes and shingles are impervious to high winds, hail, snow and other intense weather conditions. They can last anywhere from 30 to 60 years, perhaps even longer.

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They provide a wonderful insulating barrier, and keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They may qualify as a green roofing product, so checking for any available tax breaks can help offset the cost.

Many consumers who are concerned about the environment choose to use a wooden roofing product because it is recyclable and does not take up space in a landfill like asphalt does. However, wooden shakes and shingles can cost three to five times more than a typical asphalt roof, though they last significantly longer as well. In addition, unless the shakes are treated, they are not a good choice where fires are prevalent. They can also be susceptible to mold, mildew and insect infestation unless properly cared for.

There are treatments available to help inhibit invasion by pests or molds, but it is essential that the roof be inspected routinely. Hiring a contractor to perform this service is usually quite affordable, and can save thousands in the long-run. Should individual shakes need to be replaced, homeowners should know that there will be some color variation until the new shingles begin to fade.

Cedar shakes are a great investment into a home, and with the right care and maintenance will provide enjoyment and protection for many years to come.

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