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Schenectady Roofing: Article About Benefits Of A Metal Roof

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Metal roofs are one of the oldest types of roofs that are available and come in variety of materials for buildings. The product is increasing in popularity and is widely used on both commercial and residential buildings in North America. For homeowners who are interested in having this type of roof installed by Schenectady roofing professionals, there are many benefits to enjoy with the product.

Metal roofs can last several decades and do not require replacement until they are 50 to 70 years old. This can offer peace of mind to homeowners who don't want to have to replace the roof in 20 or 30 years.

Metal roofs are available in copper, aluminum and steel in a variety of styles that complement different tastes. It can appeal to homeowners who have modern or classic properties while adding to the overall curb appeal.

In addition, metal is also considered to be one of the best materials to use on roofs that are located in warm climates. Metal is highly solar reflective, which prevents as much as 70 percent of UV rays from being absorbed through the structure and into the home. This helps to keep the inside space cooler and will allow homeowners to rely less on the property's HVAC system when the outside temperatures rise. This can easily save thousands of dollars annually while reducing the home's carbon footprint.

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Compared to asphalt shingles or clay tiles, metal roofs can withstand different types of weather conditions without suffering from damage or wear. The product can remain durable in heat waves throughout the year and can even withstand the weight of snow accumulation after a heavy snowstorm. In addition, metal is highly wind and fire resistant due to the interlocking panels that are installed together. Ice dams are also less likely to develop on the structure.

Most roofers are qualified to install and handle metal, which makes it easier to find professionals who can transport the materials to the property. The product is also lightweight and is considered a popular roofing product, which means that many roofers are capable of installing the material up to par.

Unlike tiles or shingles, metal roofs won't fade or experience damage from erosion over the years due to exposure to the sun and other environmental elements. This makes it easy to maintain the appearance of the outside property and allow the home to look younger. If part of the metal needs to be replaced due to damage, it won't be difficult to find a panel that matches with the older roofing materials.

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