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Professional roofers receive a lot of questions about the appearance of black or dark green marks on residential roofs. This is actually the growth of algae, scientifically named Gleocapsa magma. It is most common in areas near coastlines that experience high heat and humidity. Although the growth of algae on a roof is not particularly harmful to the roofing material, it can present an eyesore from the street. Algae growth reduces the market value of a home because it makes it appear unkempt. Homeowners with algae problems are encouraged to contact a Schenectady roofing professional today.

Almost every type of roofing material is susceptible to algae growth, although there are some materials that are specifically treated to prevent it. Light colored asphalt shingles often show the dark splotches or streaks of algae most prominently. Homeowners have a variety of options available to assist in the removal of roof algae. One recommended solution is to use a mixture of 50 percent bleach and 50 percent water. Simply spraying this solution directly onto the algae is usually enough to kill it. Be sure not to use an excessive amount of the bleach solution, because it can discolor shingles and will harm surrounding grass, plants and bushes it comes into contact with. To avoid this, liberally wash down the areas surrounding the house to dilute the effects of any bleach that remains.

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For a more environmentally friendly option, choose to use oxygen bleach in place of regular household bleach. Oxygen bleach does not have the toxic potency of regular bleach, and will not harm landscaping. It should be noted that oxygen bleach is also not as effective at killing roof algae, but it will get the job done with enough attempts. To thoroughly remove all the algae, a gentle scrubbing may be necessary. Avoid scrubbing too vigorously, or shingles may experience damage.

While bleach solutions are the cheapest option, there are products available on the market today that are specifically designed to rid roofs of Gleocapsa magma. These products are all environmentally friendly and will not harm the shingles in any way, but often require more than one application to see the best results.

There are also several ways to prevent algae growth. Shingles are available that are algae resistant. Zinc or copper strips can also be installed along the roof peak. Both metals are toxic to algae, and these products prove very effective. A little maintenance and a watchful eye can catch algae growth early and prevent it from becoming a large problem.

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