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Schenectady Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Installing Concrete Roofs

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Concrete roofs are some of the most popular roofs today. These types of roofs are made of concrete blocks that are delicately shaped into different tile shapes. The latest technologies have brought several varieties of concrete tiles into the market. Hire the services of a Schenectady roofing contractor and experience the great advantages of this roof.

Some of the advantages one may seek include durability, fireproofing, aesthetics and affordability among other qualities. A concrete roof can last over a hundred years. Most roofing companies give a defect-free warranty of about 20 years. Concrete is also durable and can withstand the harsh climate experienced in many parts of the world. It is used mostly in new building since the groundwork, walls and trusses need to be steadied to hold the extra weight.

Similarly, concrete tiles require very little maintenance in their lifetime. Should an area of the roof require any modification, such as during the installation of a sunroof, only the tiles on the particular region would require removal.

Another advantage of concrete roofs is that they are fire-resistant; these roofs are noncombustible. It is safe to use these types of roofs in bushfire prone areas.

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The roofs can also be used in manufacturing industries with a high risk of fire. What is the roof's sound performance?

Similarly, concrete roofing tiles are dense enough to help reduce sound from outside sources such as trains, aircraft and motor vehicles from causing disturbance to the inside the house. Concrete roofs are also quite suitable for homes in humid areas. Coastal areas have high humidity, and lots of salts and sand get kicked up into the air. These particles cause corrosion to most roofs, but concrete roofs are immune.

Additionally, these roofs are effective in rainwater collection. Concrete roofs are made of water-based materials and are nontoxic. Thus, water collected from the concrete roof can be used for various household tasks.

Concrete roofs also boost the appearance of a building, making it more attractive. Concrete roof tiles come in a wide range of colors and designs that adds to the beauty of the house. Homeowners have a choice of different pigments and shapes to select according to their tastes.

These roofs also offer comfort during extreme weather conditions. The concrete roof has great thermal performance that prevents the indoor environment from being influenced by the outdoor temperatures. Homeowners use less energy to heat up their homes or cool them during the hot season as concrete is heat-efficient.

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