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When it's time for a new roof, homeowners may feel overwhelmed by the options, but it's important to use roofing that works for the home and the climate in which it resides. Schenectady roofing endures extreme cold in the winter and blazing heat in the summer, so it's important to include features that will improve its energy efficiency and durability.

Anyone who has worn a black T-shirt on a hot summer day can verify that dark colors soak up heat. Light colors, on the other hand, reflect the sun's rays, keeping the material nice and cool, and the same holds true with roofing. Dark asphalt tiles are very common, but they can cause the attic to overheat, reaching temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The same tiles in light colors will reduce the heat island effect and help the attic stay cooler, which means the air conditioner will have to work less.

Metal roofing may be hot to the touch, but it helps to keep the attic cool. The metal works much the same as light-colored shingles, reflecting the sun's rays and the heat that comes with them. Special coatings can be used to increase the reflective properties and cool the attic even more. Metal roofs, usually made of steel or aluminum, have the added benefit of being nearly impervious to fire, wind, rain and hail. Clay tiles roofs also disperse heat well as the undulating pattern creates channels that help move hot air away from the roof.

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They are fragile, though, and easily break in extreme winter weather.

No matter what type of shingle is used, a roof must have good ventilation to be energy efficient. Proper venting creates a refreshing current that moves through the attic space, pulling out the overheated air. Without venting, the trapped air, hot and often humid, builds up and causes damage to the roof itself. In winter, an ice dam is less likely to form on roofs that are well vented, so the airflow is good for a house in all seasons.

Don't underestimate the humble attic fan. Often, installing an attic fan can have an enormous positive effect on ventilation. It's a simple process that doesn't cost much, but it can result in huge energy savings.

Finally, it's very important to insulate the area between the attic and the living space. No matter what type of ventilation and roof covering is used, most attics will be warmer than the living space during summer. Good insulation will keep that hot air from leaking into the house.

There are many things to think about when installing a new roof. However, taking the time to add energy-efficient features can save thousands of dollars in heating and cooling bills over the life of the roof.

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