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Albany Roofers: Article About Wind Driven Rain and Roof Leaks

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If the roof has a leak, most homeowners would expect that the attic or the ceiling would become damp after every rainfall. However, there are some instances where the roof may have been fine during earlier showers only to start leaking after a major storm. These sudden new leaks are often caused by wind-driven rain. If homeowners discover sudden leaks, they should contact their local Albany roofers to determine how the water is getting in.

During normal rain showers, the rain falls vertically onto the roof. As the rain is directed towards the gutters, the only way the rain can get inside the home is if there are cracks or holes that the water can directly run into. Occasionally, water may get in through cracks in the fascia if the gutters are not working properly. Water also usually gets in through holes in damaged flashing or through broken or cracked shingles.

Wind driven rain is essentially rain that comes down at an angle or comes in horizontally. This rain, which is often blown down with some force, can penetrate the roof when rain would normally not be able to.

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Wind driven rain can be blown in past the shingles, the flashing, around chimneys and skylights and in through cracks in the dormers. The water may come in through holes or cracks that are not accessible during normal rain showers. If the water gets in, it can cause some major damages to the attic and the home's structure.

Leaks do not always show up as a wet spot in the walls or ceiling. In many cases, the evidence of the leaks may only be found inside the walls or in the attic. Homeowners who are more vigilant may check around in the attic after major rainstorms. Homeowners should look for mold, wet wood and sunlight coming through the shingles. In the home itself, the paint may peel, wood paneling may become stained and the ceiling may become discolored.

If homeowners notice that their roof is leaking, it is highly recommended that they contact their trusted roofers as soon as possible, even if the leaks only occur intermittently. If the leaks are left to continue without basic repairs, the repairs can become extensive and expensive. To completely avoid problems with leaks, it is recommended that an expert roofer inspect the roof and attic at least once a year. This way, any problems can be caught early before damages occur.

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