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Home and business owners should both either inspect their roofs themselves each spring and fall or hire Albany roofers to perform the inspection for them. Both parties are looking for the same signs of damage on the roofs so that small problems can be fixed before they become big ones. Knowing what to look for can save a lot of money.

An inspection typically starts inside the structure. Here, inspectors look for sagging areas, as well as signs of rot or water damage. Brown spotting and streaking both indicate water damage and should be investigated further to track down the source of the leak so it can be repaired. Warped and buckling rafters, decking and other support structures are also checked for damage. Sunlight peeking through the roof is also a bad sign.

On top of the roof, look for broken, missing or lifted shingles and tiles. Check for moss and lichen growth as well, since plants growing on the roof may be causing damage to it. It should also be noted whether any shingles are curling or buckling as well.

Look for piles of shiny sand like crystals in piles on the roof or in the gutters and remember not all that glitters is gold. These shiny particles are supposed to cover the shingles and protect them from wear through exposure to the sun's UV light.

The roofing contractors at Ideal Construction of Albany can assist you with any questions regarding siding or roofing.

If they are sitting in gutters or piled elsewhere on the roof, they are no longer doing their job. This is a sign that the roof is due for replacement. On flat commercial roofs, gravel or other aggregate is sometimes spread on the roof to accomplish the same goal. Make sure it is spread evenly across the surface.

Vents and flashing should also be checked for signs of damage or failure. Loose or damaged flashing should be replaced and so should rubber seals around roof vents and other structures if they are cracking or overly dried. Gutters should also be checked to ensure they are still firmly attached to the roof. If it sits on or pokes out of the roof, check it for signs of damage and wear and make sure vents are open and unclogged. Many inspectors will also examine the chimney cap to make sure it is still there and not damaged.

No matter who does the inspection, these important points should all be checked. When damage is spotted or suspected, the homeowner should call a contractor right away to get repairs underway as soon as possible. Problems that create small budget headaches now may create much larger ones later if left untreated.

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