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There is a number of siding types that homeowners can choose. For those who don't know, siding is like a second layer of skin for a home, protecting its structure from water damage while adding character. Despite the many types of siding, the most common one that Albany roofers install is vinyl.

Vinyl siding is made out of polyvinyl chloride, which is cut into long strips and textured to look like wood. Unlike wood, vinyl siding comes in a wide array of colors, saving homeowners the time and money required to paint them. The most common colors for vinyl siding are beige and pastels. However, manufacturers have started to move away from these traditional colors in favor of deeper, richer colors.

The most common fear that homeowners have regarding vinyl siding is high winds ripping it off of their house. This is a reasonable concern since the material is lightweight, but most vinyl siding is rated to withstand winds of up to 110 mph when it's installed properly by a professional. Even if strong winds rip vinyl siding off of a home, a roofing and siding company can easily install new panels.

When buying siding or having it professionally installed, homeowners will likely hear the salesperson or contractor talk about squares. When referring to surface area for roofs and siding, a square is a 100 square foot area.

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Contractors and other industry professionals typically don't talk about surface area in traditional square footage because they are always dealing with a lot of area. It's easier for them to refer to sections in 10 by 10 foot squares.

Homeowners shouldn't try to clean vinyl siding themselves. While the material is great at standing up to the elements, it's not very good at standing up to the wear and tear that people cause. For example, power washers are usually too strong for vinyl siding. The high powered stream of water can rip it off of its foundation or even crack the panels

When vinyl siding is first installed, it's bright and colorful. Just like roofing materials, however, the sun causes fading over time. While vinyl siding doesn't last for decades, it lasts longer than other options such as painting the exterior of the house. The exact amount of time that vinyl lasts depends on if it was professionally installed and maintained over the course of its life.

When choosing a brand of vinyl siding, homeowners should choose one that offers a manufacturer warranty. They should also look for a contractor who offers an installation warranty in the event that problems arise as a result of poor workmanship.

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